How to Bleed Brakes

How to Bleed Brakes If you notice your brakes feel soft or spongy as you drive around Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, it may be time to bleed your brakes. Bleeding your brakes will get all the air out of your brake lines so you can continue to quickly and safely slow down or stop your vehicle.

Here at BMW of Arlington, our trained technicians will be able to perform this service for you in a quick manner. You can also follow our how to bleed brakes guide below if you are looking to do this service in your own driveway.

Directions on How to Bleed Brakes

By following these steps, you can get all the air out of the brake lines so your braking system reacts quickly when you step your foot on the brake pedal.

  1. Tools needed to bleed brakesLocated behind each brake is a nozzle called the brake bleeder screw. You will want to loosen this with a wrench.
  1. Take a flexible hose and place it over the end of the bleeder screw. With the other end of the hose, you want to have it situated in a jar. This is so it can catch the brake fluid that will come out as you bleed your brakes.
  1. Once the hose is securely on, get someone to slowly pump on the brake pedal a couple of times.
  1. After they have pumped the brakes a few times, you can go ahead and open the bleeder screw. You will want to make sure whoever is helping you is holding down the brake pedal while you do this.
  1. Brake fluid while now start to come out of the hose. Look for air bubbles within the fluid, which tells you there is air in the brake line. Let it flush out until there are no more bubbles and just fluid is coming out of the hose.
  1. Brake fluidOnce all the air is out, tighten up the bleeder screw while the other person keeps the brake pedal pushed down. This will prevent air from getting back into the system.
  1. You will now need to add more fluid to the braking system. Open the master cylinder and fill it up until it is full again.
  1. Repeat the entire process until you get the air out of each individual brake.
  1. After bleeding each brake, take your car out for a quick drive. Hopefully, the brake pedals don’t feel as soft anymore.

Want to Leave It to the Professionals?

If you would rather have a professional bleed your brakes, we don’t blame you! It can be a tricky process, and you want to make sure all the air is out of the lines while not letting any get back in. Plus, you may not be able to get the help needed right away for this two-person job.

You can schedule an appointment here at BMW of Arlington to have our technicians bleed your brakes for you. They have performed this service countless times before, so they will be able to do it quickly and properly for you.

When you stop by to have them bleed your brakes, you can also get them to inspect the rest of the braking system so you have the peace of mind knowing everything is working correctly and in great condition while riding around Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth.