When Is the Best Time to Buy BMW CPO?

2018 BMW 3 Series

If you’re thinking about making your next vehicle a certified pre-owned (CPO) BMW, but are wondering when the best time to buy it is, you’ve come to the right place. Some times are better than others to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle and that’s why we at BMW of Arlington have put together this helpful guide.

Certified pre-owned BMW shoppers in the areas of Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth should read ahead to learn more about the best times to buy their next vehicle!

  1. Before Your Current Vehicle Stops Working

The best time to buy your next certified pre-owned BMW is before your current vehicle stops working. Many shoppers are looking for their next vehicle because their current vehicle is in bad shape. If you wait until it gives out on you, you’ll not only be without transportation, but you always won’t be able to take advantage of any trade-in options you might have.

  1. When You Have the Money to Buy It

The next best time to buy your certified pre-owned BMW is when you have the money for it. While it’s a certified pre-owned vehicle, you’ll still pay for it like a new vehicle whether you buy or lease it. So, you’ll need to have money for a down payment set up as well as a monthly budget drawn up to ensure that you can afford it.

  1. Around Certain Specific Holidays

Another good time to shop for your next certified pre-owned BMW is around certain holidays. Many dealerships offer incredible savings around holidays like Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and Black Friday. If you can wait until one of these holidays rolls around, you’ll likely get a better deal on your next vehicle than going on any regular day of the year.

  1. During the Winter Months

 When Is the Best Time to Buy BMW CPO?During the winter, many people prefer to stay in their warm, cozy homes rather than trudging out into the elements, especially when they don’t absolutely need to. This makes the winter months a great time to shop for your next certified pre-owned BMW. Not only will there be less shoppers to deal with and compete with, you’ll also find better deals on the vehicles you like.

This is doubly true if you’re looking at summery vehicles like convertibles, because they aren’t good for winter weather.

Ready to Find Your Next CPO BMW?

We at BMW of Arlington hope you got all the information you were looking for by reading this guide to the best times to buy a certified pre-owned BMW. If you’re thinking that now might be the best time to get the ball rolling on buying your next certified pre-owned BMW, we’re here to help.

Shoppers in the areas of Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth should browse our certified pre-owned BMW inventory today. Make a note of vehicles that you like and then give us a call to schedule a test drive!

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